Twitter has been very, very good to me

My top 10 benefits from regular Tweeting

 Many friends and colleagues think I ‘waste’ a lot of time on Twitter because I can’t claim any significant direct sales. And yet, for me, Twitter has been an invaluable business tool. I’ve developed an international network, gained significant exposure, begun to understand how new-to-me industries operate (social networking, travel, publishing) and built some great business associations.


Here’s a list of 10 specific benefits I’ve achieved over the past 3 years on Twitter:


  1. Guest blog posts – at least 6 covering various aspects of my interests. Guest blog posts are great for highlighting your expertise as well as deepening relationships
  1. Travel agent – found myself a travel agent to handle my client’s bookings
  1. Advertisers – found a woman’s travel site on which to advertise my retreats, plus a retreats site for highly targeted promotions
  1. I’ve been interviewed by several journalists and achieved increased profile for both my coaching and travel businesses. Great credibility builders.
  1. I’ve built in-depth relationships with around 20 specialists in Portuguese travel industry with whom I’m in regular interaction
  1. I’ve arranged free tour and travel opportunities with people I’ve met via Twitter
  1. I’ve sold copies of my Algarve Dining book to Twitter contacts
  1. I’ve obtained great ‘how to’ information about social media, the travel industry and book publishing/promotion by following links and downloading free e-books offered on tweets
  1. Twitter helped me discover a critically important industry conference that I now attend regularly
  1. I’ve been able to help many of my clients on a wide array of topics from articles I’ve read via Twitter. Allows me to offer serious ‘value add’ to clients without any appreciable additional effort or cost.



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