Custom Coaching with Gwen . . .

Conversations like you’ve never had that will get you focused on what makes a profound difference in your life.  Intimate, designed for YOUR special needs, speedy results, honouring. My specialties include:

  • personal growth and life transition coaching, including professional development, spiritual exploration and expanded consciousness
  • coach coaching

My coaching philosophy is based in a few fundamental assumptions:

  1. Tough times are portals to great times
  2. Coaching accelerates results
  3. If not now, when?
  4. If not you, who?

I use the latest scientific understandings from brain & human behaviour science to help you discover your true Self, how to ensure that your true Self gets honoured in life & business and how to achieve the results you are committed to but which have seemed so elusive to date. All achieved in a supportive, nurturing, humorous yet challenging environment.

Contact me NOW so that you can get the support you need to proactively create the life you want and deserve.

Gwen McCauley | Twitter: @gwenmccauley | LinkedIn: gwenmccauley | Facebook: gwen.mccauley.9

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