Standing Desk Irritation

When I moved to Halifax 2 years ago one of my commitments to myself was that I would create a standing desk for myself. That is a computer work station where I stand instead of sit while I do my work. I’ve been aware for some time of the wellness price we pay when we sit for hours and hours each day.

My inexpensive laptop stand also includes a shelf for glasses, TV remote and a cuppa joe

I recently started investigating how I would make that happen and have plans drawn up for building a base to insert under the armoire where my iMac currently resides. Because it involves hauling all sorts of crap out of said armoire, I haven’t quite gotten around to it, but I’m getting there.

I must say that I’ve developed a rather dirty little habit since setting up my apartment. I got myself one of those lap desks and spend far too much time happily stretched out on my sofa, working away on my laptop while simultaneously watching TV. I know that habit has upped the ante on how sedentary I am and that it encourages me to both watch way too much TV and spend too much time on-line.

Getting e-mail done while watching TV. Yay!

So recently I decided to get myself a laptop stand on wheels to allow me to at least stand up while I’m multi-tasking. Do a little research on the benefits of standing or stand up desks if you’re wondering what those benefits are. This morning I put my stand together and began working in the stand up position.

And I’m shocked already by the results! I can’t believe how deep and powerful the links have become between sitting & working. My body is filled with the jitters from standing and working; I can quite literally feel the pull to sit down. I also recognize that my creativity feels compromised because my head is filled with jibber-jabber related to my discomfort with standing and working. Surprisingly, my body feels pretty good in terms of stress on my legs, back and feet. I thought that might be a challenge but it is the psychic and emotional landscape that feels like a minefield!

Still I am committed to persisting with my stand-up laptop use. I consider it training for the day when my iMac is only available in this mode too. I know that my health will improve as a result and I believe that once my body calms down and adjusts, my creativity will actually improve.

Funny how we create growth in areas of our lives where we least expected it. I’m intrigued to see what insights come out of all of this to say nothing of how much better my body will feel from having that additional exercise each day.