Aging is mandatory; getting old is optional

Even though I so desperately want to believe that I can think my way to remaining young, there definitely seems to be a biological ‘reality’ called aging. Our bodies change: tissue loses its elasticity; cell growth & replacement slows; atrophy seems to be inevitable.

And yet I am absolutely clear that my attitude towards the aging of my body is another matter entirely. I do not have to get old mentally, no matter what is happening to me biologically. It is my choice whether I remain alive and vital or become decrepit and doddery.  My friend Cathy and I have been practitioners in the field of human growth and development for a long time. We are, perhaps, more keenly aware than many others of what’s possible when one chooses to age biologically yet live in an awake and conscious state mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

As we have tracked our own life processes and worked with many, many clients, we’ve become aware that radically new thinking is required around this topic of aging, especially conscious aging. I started to realize a while back that what could be extremely helpful to us all was to recognize that emotional, psychological and social growth is not just restricted to the early years of life. We continue to grow as adults. What’s been missing is a way to acknowledge the need for on-going growth, to honour its presence in our lives and to invite people to consider that wanting to continue to growth and evolve as human beings is as natural as being born, growing up and creating future generations.

So I got to work and have identified Novescence as this necessary new growth stage in life. Along with Cathy, I’ve written an article identifying the research that shows the need for a new human growth stage, documenting my choice of Novescence as the name for that growth stage and highlighting some of the advantages to be gained by us acknowledging the legitimacy of such a way of looking at the needs of our aging worldwide population.  Click the link below to read all about Novescence

Novescence by Gwen McCauley and Cathy Carmody

I definitely have no plans to get old, perhaps to the dismay of younger generations. I have very definite plans to age disgracefully, being too bold, too loud, too naughty and far too irreverent for my own good. Wanna join me?


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