What do clients say about their Algarve Experiences with Gwen?

Archways and Alleys Beckon

Archways and Alleys Beckon

“A Taste of Algarve describes itself as “Food, fun and fabulous times” and it does not disappoint.
Portugal is a curious mix of modern conveniences (great hotels, English on the menus, well kept highways, etc) along with quaint villages, interesting history, beautiful beaches and wandering roads through all types of countryside. Each village has its own distinct personality and offerings to share with all who come its way. Each corner seemed to have something new to discover. Gwen makes sure you don’t miss something you would be interested in while not spending time on attractions that aren’t your thing. The local markets, family run restaurants with fresh, delicious food, wines and Ports were a daily pleasure. Buying oranges and almonds from the charming grower by the side of the road was an experience to be remembered. 

Gwen’s love of the Algarve is apparent in her enthusiasm to share this part of Portugal with her clients. Her many years of visiting this area show in her encyclopedic knowledge of the area and all aspects of life in Portugal. If you have a particular interest such as cooking, birdwatching, isolated beaches, shopping for unique items or native artists Gwen can show you all that the Algarve has to offer. This activity happens at the pace of your choice which in my case included leisurely lunches al fresco. Having Gwen as your resource saves time, eliminates the usual frustrations of foreign travel and allows you to see more and enjoy more than you would on many trips on your own. Gwen is also a fascinating and entertaining woman to spend time with on your vacation.

D. Tomlinson, Edmonton, Alberta

Choosing-Piri-Piri300“During our stay, Gwen recommended a number of amazing outings: to local markets, a variety of restaurants, and other hidden gems serving up the best of local fare.  Portugal is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. Discovering it with Gwen makes for the ultimate experience. 

Her extensive knowledge of the region, including local cuisine and Portuguese wine,  and  her expertise in finding all the best haunts and those special places ‘off the beaten path’ far outweigh all the travel books I could fit in my suitcase.   Gwen definitely enhanced our Algarve travel experience and made for a trip of a lifetime!”

Lisa Corbin, Ottawa. Massage Therapist and Adam Hough, Aylmer. Chef



Dominique-at-Praca-Velha-300“I would never have believed that such a diverse experience was still available.  Gwen, your local knowledge and investment in exploring the off-the-beaten-path, traditional Portuguese way of life is amazing.  Thanks for providing me with so much more than a standard beach vacation.”

Dominique Dennery, Sri Lanka. Diversity Facilitator




“Had I gone to the Algarve on my own or with anyone else, I would never have experienced so much of the old world charm that is the Algarve, nor would I have dined so much on the LOCAL food and wine, at such reasonable cost. That is because Gwen knew where to go!

Sandi-at-the-Border200Two weeks of drinking and dining and I did not gain any weight, which surprised and pleased me.  Add the fact that every day was a new adventure, full of activity and exploring, plus the awesome weather and you have the perfect recipe for a fantastic experience!”

Sandi Gauthier, Ottawa.  Sales executive


Tara-Relaxes-at-a-beach-side-restaurant125“As a Bistro owner and after traveling the Algarve with Gwen, I can attest to her impeccable taste buds and love of all things Portugal! I have never for one minute forgotten our food experiences in the Algarve.  Gwen’s knowledge of the area makes eating with her an experience all its own. From the market on a Saturday morning to a dinner party of fresh fish that evening, the eating local experience has never been more enjoyable. The Algarve takes farm-to-table eating to an entirely new level.”

Tara Algie, Merrickville.  Serendipity Bistro Owner

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