A Taste of Algarve

CataplanaCustom Culinary Tours

– your interests, your timeframe

  • Discover great, off-the-beaten-track restaurants specializing in delicious, authentic, honest Portuguese cuisine, one of the greats in the ‘slow food’ tradition
  • Explore the local wine culture through tastings or specialized pre-meal seminars
  • Learn about Port, Aguardente (local brandy), and other little known local liquid specialties
  • Be amazed at the variety and quality of local cheeses, breads, olives and sausages
  • Visit local orchards, bakeries, farmer’s markets, salt makings, and hill towns
  • Listen to local music as you dine
  • Become immersed in culinary and cultural magic

Gwen McCauley is your guide

  • A knowledgeable, experienced Algarve & Portugal expert since 1975
  • Supportive & fun-loving, Gwen delights in sharing her vast knowledge of local food, culture, people and places with newcomers

Roman-Wall-Mosaics--Milreau-400A Taste of Algarve features

  • Max 3 guests; trips of 1-7 days
  • A welcoming atmosphere for people traveling solo
  • A schedule that allows a leisurely start to each day, plus time to explore on your own
  • An itinerary that meets your specific needs, blending food & dining with culture, history, sightseeing or shopping, as you prefer it
  • Local transfers, meals, gratuities, local tours & house wine included

Store-Entrance-300Taste the joys of life as you discover a little-known cuisine and explore a bucolic world that is rapidly disappearing.  A Taste of Algarve gets you off-the-beaten track.  You’ll experience life as we long to live it:  slowly, with humour, goodwill, great food and gentle people.  Then again, you may prefer the more cosmopolitan side of the Algarve filled with trendy shops, galleries and cafes.  Whatever your preference, we’ll make it happen. You’ll have time to ramble around villages that tumble down hillsides, to seek out hidden beaches, to explore whimsical shopping arcades and to settle into small cafes where staff encourage you to stay awhile and watch the world go by, as well as dine well in family owned and operated Portuguese cuisine restaurants.

Fun and instructive wine, Port and food information is provided throughout your trip.  We’ll visit local farmer’s markets as well as bakeries, hill towns and glorious beaches.

The Algarve Region

Rich with history dating back to Neolithic times, depending on your preferences, you’ll see ancient standing stones, medieval churches and castles, Roman ruins as well as modern markets, art galleries and craft stores.

Sunsets-&-Churches400Each night you’ll settle back into the hotel of your choice. None of this packing and schlepping bags every day or two.

Count on quiet, peaceful evenings after dinner – if that’s your preference. Or head out to enjoy the nightlife just down the road.

Whether you are a novice or seasoned traveler, if real food is an important part of your life, you are sure to love A Taste of Algarve.

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